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Cold Chain Monitoring for Truck-loads and Containers


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Whether you are transporting pharmaceuticals, temperature sensitive chemicals, fresh or frozen foods, and beverages, temperature and humidity fluctuations mean *risk* for your goods. Monitor mean kinetic temperature (MKT), ensure your cargo's temperature is within an acceptable range, and receive real-time alerts if changes occur with Roambee's Cold Chain Monitoring solution. Using data-loggers? You'll only know of problems after they happen, and that may be too late to avoid spoilage or damage to your goods. Roambee's portable wireless device, the Bee will ensure you receive real-time temperature, humidity, location, pressure, altitude, shock and tilt every hour when your shipments are in transit via road, rail, air, or ocean - plus in-transit and post-transit analytics and reporting to provide valuable insights to inform decision-making.

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