Kinetic Equipment Health Monitoring Starter Kit


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What's included

  • included-sensors Sensors
  • included-gateway Gateway
  • included-connectivity Connectivity
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Get the most business value from your IoT data. Engage Cisco Kinetic to meet common challenges in IoT environments where devices and applications are highly distributed. This new class of platform, an IoT data fabric, helps you put computer power where you need it. Get the right data to the right applications at the right time to drive better business outcomes.

  • Panduit Wireless vibration sensor
  • Panduit Wireless temperature sensor
  • Panduit Wireless gateway
  • Cisco Kinetic fog fabric software


  • reduce.png

    Reduce downtime

    Proactively monitor equipment conditions to reduce unplanned downtime and improve equipment effectiveness.

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    Reduce energy consumption

    Energy consumption with granular visibility into consumption by machine, line, area, and floor.

  • security.png

    Securly extract

    Programmatically extract, normalize and securely move relevant data to operational and business applications to drive outcomes that grow your bottom line.

  • efficiency-2.png

    Increase efficiency

    Compute data anywhere from the edge to an endpoint, enabling fast decisions at the point of action, dramatically reduce latency and optimize network resources.

Technical Specs

Gateway Management Module (GMM) Provision IoT gateways at scale with a highly secure, low-touch workflow. View and control your gateways from a cloud-based dashboard.
Edge and Fog Processing Module (EFM) Compute data in distributed nodes. Make critical decisions near the point of action, and make the most efficient use of network resources.
Data Control Module (DCM) Move the right data from diverse connected devices to the right cloud-based applications, at the right time, according to policy set by the data owner.