Chargifi Smart Wireless Charging for Offices

Chargifi delivers a market-leading Cloud management platform that enables smart, mass deployment of wireless charging. Our patented end-to-end solution turns wireless power into a service, providing a unique touch point to engage with your staff and enhance their experience in the workspaces. Our solution also enables real-time monitoring and remote management of SmartSpots in your workspaces, giving office managers peace of mind, lower maintenance costs, and maximum uptime for your staff.


  • feature-reseller-install Reseller Installation
  • feature-analytics Analytics

What's included

  • included-sensors Sensors
  • included-gateway Gateway
  • included-connectivity Connectivity
  • Cloud Cloud


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    Modernize your workplace to create a better experience

    Forget cables. Chargifi SmartSpots keep your desks, meeting rooms, and breakout areas uncluttered to help businesses continue seamlessly and effortlessly, ensuring employees are always powered up and connected wherever they are working.

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    Smarter workplaces with actionable behavioral insights

    Gather useful insights on behavioral data, such as space or meeting room utilization, with real-time hyper-location, space occupancy, and dwell time in a simple dashboard. This allows you to better understand your employees and how your workspace is being used.

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    Boost employee productivity with smart wireless power

    Using Chargifi SmartSpots as a trigger for other IoT devices and software platforms, you can integrate, via Chargifi Connect, into the internal company apps, video conferencing systems, or room booking systems to create a smart working environment.