Cognimatics TrueView® Suite

Get better customer behavior and store activity insight – then ensure that your staff rapidly engages to convert sales and customer experience opportunities. Every hour of every business day. You can focus on customer engagement, sales and service by efficiently monitoring in-store queues, re-allocating your staff in real time and seeing how well your campaigns and merchandising attracts shoppers. AXIS Store Optimization Suite includes is a series of business intelligence video analytics that run fully embedded on Axis network cameras. There’s no need for additional hardware or servers, which minimizes installation time and costs.


  • feature-reseller-install Reseller Installation
  • 24/7 Support Support
  • feature-analytics Analytics

What's included

  • included-sensors Sensors
  • included-gateway Gateway
  • included-connectivity Connectivity
  • Cloud Cloud
  • included-analytics Analytics
  • included-applications Applications


  • people-counting-illustration_0.png

    Visitor counting

    Gain knowledge of customer footfall and visitor traffic.

  • queue-monitor-illustration.png

    Queue monitoring

    Efficiently monitor and measure in-store queue lengths.

  • so-occupancy.png

    Occupancy tracking

    Estimate the occupancy in your store.

  • infographic-store-optimization.jpg

    Business intelligence dashboard

    Get real-time access to data, triggers, a multitude of reports and statistics.