Cold Chain Monitoring for Truck-loads and Containers

Whether you are transporting pharmaceuticals, temperature sensitive chemicals, fresh or frozen foods, and beverages, temperature and humidity fluctuations mean *risk* for your goods. Monitor mean kinetic temperature (MKT), ensure your cargo's temperature is within an acceptable range, and receive real-time alerts if changes occur with Roambee's Cold Chain Monitoring solution. Using data-loggers? You'll only know of problems after they happen, and that may be too late to avoid spoilage or damage to your goods. Roambee's portable wireless device, the Bee will ensure you receive real-time temperature, humidity, location, pressure, altitude, shock and tilt every hour when your shipments are in transit via road, rail, air, or ocean - plus in-transit and post-transit analytics and reporting to provide valuable insights to inform decision-making.


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What's included

  • included-sensors Sensors
  • included-gateway Gateway
  • included-connectivity Connectivity
  • Cloud Cloud
  • included-analytics Analytics

What you're buying

  • Roambee Bee Bees
  • ColdChainMonitoringDashboard Portal


  • Real-time location & condition data

    Real-time location & condition data

    Know about the health of your shipments using multi-sensor wireless devices with global cellular and Wi-Fi connectivity. Get real-time location, temperature, humidity, pressure and other condition data of your goods irrespective of whether they move by air, surface, rail, air, sea or multiple modes of transport, and without relying on your logistics service provider.

  • Foresights & insights

    Foresights & insights

    Work with decision-enabling intelligence provided to you as an outcome of analyzing a combination of your rules, your enterprise data, past logistics patterns, and Bee data. Receive alerts when your shipments breach condition thresholds or any unexpected event takes place. Access dashboards and reports telling you what is happening at an enterprise-wide or consignment-level.

  • APIs to plug into your enterprise

    APIs to plug into your enterprise

    No need to remember additional passwords or familiarize yourself with new software. Use the Roambee APIary to integrate our analytics engine with your enterprise software such as an ERP, WMS, or a TMS.