IQ Prison

Prisons should have: High security, operation management and safety. There can be simple sites as well as those with very sophisticated requirements. To address these issues, iOmniscient has announced its “IQ Prison”. The pack consists of a rugged IP65 rated Super Edge device with a Wi-Fi or wireless capability, rugged POE Switch, rugged cameras and sophisticated Artificial intelligence based analytics to provide management with the information needed to enhance security and safety.


  • feature-analytics Analytics
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  • 24/7 Support 24/7 Support

What's included

  • included-sensors Sensors
  • included-gateway Gateway
  • included-connectivity Connectivity
  • Cloud Cloud
  • included-applications Applications
  • included-analytics Analytics


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    Enhanced Security

    Detect suspicious behaviors, aggressive behaviors and prevent unauthorized access.

  • Operation Management

    Operation Management

    Counting people and monitoring car park to ensure smooth operation.

  • Enhanced Safety

    Increased Safety

    Detect committing suicide, smoke and fire, and track inmates’ movement.