License Plate Recognition (LPR) and Situational Awareness

Intellisite allows Federal, State and Local Agencies, the ability to add License Plate Recognition (LPR), to their Smart Cities deployments. Our LPR uses ANY HD IP Camera, allowing a simple upgrade without losing existing functionality. With Department of Justice (DOJ) integration and Analytics we can detect modified or stolen plates, Amber Alerts, or list of ex-employees.


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What's included

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  • included-sensors Sensors


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    Fixed Deployment

    Allows rapid deployment of system, with the ability to move as needed, includes 4G Cellular uplink.

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    Mobile Deployment

    Allows vehicles to be equipped with LPR system to monitor and analyze license plates while car is patrolling.

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    Dept. of Justice Database Access

    Real-time access to DOJ LPR Center, allowing real time alerts to stolen, Amber Alerts or unwanted employees on property.