OnSight Portable Surveillance Unit

Its revolutionary power system consists of 1 kilowatt of onboard battery power and can be powered by lightweight, bullet-resistant V5 Solar Panels, connected to AC power or a combination of both. This intelligent device has onboard computing, storage and wireless communications enabling immediate insight with 24/7 live video streaming to any smart device. OnSight units are compact and weigh less than 25 pounds, supporting rapid deployments and re-deployments in under 30 minutes.


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What's included

  • included-sensors Sensor
  • included-gateway Gateway
  • included-connectivity Connectivity
  • Cloud Cloud


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    Portable Power

    100% Self-Powered. Powered via a proprietary battery and power management system with the option to add bullet-resistant V5 Solar Panels, directly connect to AC power or a combination of both.

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    Real-Time Insights

    Real-time 24/7 live video streaming to any users’ smart device. View, manage and download information through the V5 MMS web-based portal and Android/iOS app.

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    Rapid Deployments

    Rapidly deploy pre-configured, turnkey security units in under 30 minutes in any outdoor environment or cost-prohibitive area without the need for expensive trenching or time-consuming permits.