SynapSense Wireless Environmental Monitoring 2.4 GHz

Capture and visualize temperature and humidity data within a facility and transmit that data through network-to-Ethernet wireless mesh gateways for real-time visualization of environmental conditions that can affect product quality, compliance reporting and energy optimization.


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What's included

  • included-sensors Sensors
  • included-gateway Gateway
  • included-connectivity Connectivity
  • Cloud Cloud


  • real_time_notification.PNG

    Real-time notification of “out of state” conditions

    Alerts staff in the event of over or under temperature conditions preserving product quality

  • zero_waste.PNG

    Reduced Waste

    Keeping temp and humidity ranges within specification can prohibit spoilage and waste in product

  • simple_data_collection.PNG

    Simplified IoT data collection

    Installation 1/5 time and cost versus hard-wired, traditional monitoring solutions. Gateways install with a single ethernet drop without need for additional power wiring. Sensors can be quickly installed and repositioned without needing electrician. Software tools speed sensor configuration and data validation without requiring IT or control engineer.