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At Buddy, we make spaces smarter. Our solutions are all about capturing the right data in any space, coordinating communications between various parts and visualizing it in useful – and awesome - ways to contribute to smarter, healthier spaces. Developed on our proven technology stack of software plus IoT hardware, our customers can monitor their spaces from anywhere and have the peace of mind that comes from knowing they’ll be alerted in the event of an issue. In essence, Buddy Platform solutions help optimize the efficiency of energy-intensive assets, drive occupant behaviors and measure progress toward sustainability goals.

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    Ohm is IoT-class hardware acting as a resource monitoring gateway, collecting readings from wired and wireless sensors distributed around the building, then send those readings to the Buddy Cloud for processing and visualization.

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    Ohm Link

    Ohm Link is the sensor hub providing increased flexibility for sensor installation. It provides sensor coverage where the internet is a challenge by connecting to Buddy Ohm wirelessly through a non-proprietary, industry standard radio frequency.

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    Ohm Sense

    Ohm Sense temperature and humidity sensors monitor environmental conditions in areas around the building or facility. Powered by replaceable batteries these units can also be outfitted with wired, sealed sensors for installation in refrigeration and freezer units, ice baths, steam tables and more.

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    Ohm Pulse

    Ohm Pulse sensors monitor the flow of electricity, steam, water, and gas by detecting LED or Infrared pulses to provide a complete view of usage. This is easy to install and non-invasive monitoring solution for applications that include a pulse utility meter.

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    Ohm View

    Ohm View is an occupant-facing dashboard, providing glance-and-go information about the building's health. Utilizing a small, plug and play hardware unit that connects to any TV using an open HDMI port, any building display can now give real-time feedback to people living and working in the building.

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    Buddy Ohm Portal

    The Buddy Ohm Portal provides an operational view of the building’s resource monitoring. Graphs are interactive and data can be prepared, analyzed and presented in a variety of ways. This is a valuable tool to monitor key systems, get real-time event-based alerts, and create historical reports to spot trends, anomalies, and opportunities for savings.

About Buddy

Buddy Platform Limited is a leading technology company in the Internet of Things (IoT) market. Buddy provides a highly scalable Internet of Things data aggregation and management infrastructure which has multiple applications in many areas, the Smart Cities and Buildings market where we are focusing to make the greatest impact.


Case Studies

  • Seattle’s Historic 5th Ave Theatre identifies a spike in less than a day after installing Buddy Ohm

  • Buddy Ohm is connecting tenant behavior to building performance to improve operations.

  • Buddy Ohm is helping reduce energy consumption by 44% in the Buddy Adelaide office.