Chargifi builds foundational technology that transforms the way the world Mass-Deploys, Manages and Monetizes power. We deliver a market-leading cloud management platform that enables the smart mass deployment of wireless charging; our patented solution turns wireless power into a service, delivered by our expert partners, that adds real value to a business.

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    Chargifi SmartSpot

    Smart wireless charging provides a valuable service and frees customers from battery anxiety and cumbersome wires. This not only attracts customer but can mean they stay longer, increasing the opportunity for more revenue and customer engagement. Chargifi SmartSpots can be seamlessly integrated into their environment - either branded or given a minimal look and feel - the choice is yours.

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    Chargifi Manage

    Chargifi SmartSpots give a unique insight into behavioral data, such as hyper-location and dwell time, and provides a service that is in demand and attracts traffic. You can rest assured that your service is always up and running with cloud-connected Chargifi SmartSpots. The Chargifi Manage functionality is continually scanning for errors. If an issue is detected, it can be checked and solved over the air.

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    Chargifi Connect

    By connecting apps or other cloud software through Chargifi Connect and blending customer data with behavioral data, a deeper understanding of customer behavior gives actionable insights on how to personalize and enhance your customer’s experience - boosting customer satisfaction and loyalty.

About Chargifi

Chargifi is a wireless charging network that enables venues to offer smart wireless charging to their customers. From world-class distribution to the best managed service providers to the brightest system integrators, Chargifi’s ecosystem ensures you can get wireless charging mass-deployed, managed and monetized across your business.


Case Studies

  • World-leading hotel brand enjoys revenue boost by improving customer experience with smart wireless charging

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  • Shared workspace powers 
new generation workforce 
with smart wireless charging

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