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Street lights outfitted with intelligent wireless controls provide a unique opportunity to make cities "smart" through the inclusion of a wide variety of sensors that act as the "eyes and ears" of the city. Leveraging the Internet of Things (IoT), CIMCON Lighting, Inc. is the leader in intelligent street light control systems by enabling cities to become "smart" by bringing together intelligence, controls, wireless connectivity and smart sensors to their street and roadway lighting infrastructures. CIMCON's wireless control systems provide the ideal "on-ramp" for connecting a city's street lights and making them "smart" by creating a "multi-services" platform for driving energy efficiency, sustainability and a reduction in operating and maintenance costs.


CIMCON Lighting is the world’s leading provider of software powered lighting controllers and Internet of Things (IoT) enabled Smart City lighting management solution. The company helps cities run smarter while reducing energy and maintenance costs. The company's solution has been implemented in over 50 cities in 16 countries.


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