The most critical applications require cellular connectivity with the highest security and reliability, whether enabling secure financial transactions, or routing data in rugged outdoor environments for mass transit and industrial applications. From legacy 2G/3G migration to 4G LTE, LTE-Advanced and 5G-ready functionality, Digi cellular routers offer a range of proven, purpose-built solutions for high-performance connectivity in retail and commercial applications where wired connections aren’t possible, and industrial applications in energy, transportation, and smart cities that demand rugged reliability. Put Digi expertise to work on LTE and 5G migration and your next IoT connectivity application.

  • P4-1_Digi-EX15_CoreBadge - Diane Laegeler

    Digi® EX15

    LTE cellular extenders offer gigabit Ethernet and WiFi connectivity for organizations that cannot tolerate network downtime and the negative impact on revenue streams and brand reputation.

  • P4-2_digi-wr54_firstNetReady - Diane Laegeler

    Digi® WR54

    Rugged and secure cellular router for mission critical industrial and transportation applications, including FirstNet Ready™ models for public safety networks.

  • P4-3_wr31-lte-migration-ready - Diane Laegeler

    Digi® WR31

    Intelligent 4G LTE router designed for critical infrastructure and industrial applications.

  • P4-4_digi-transport-wr64-migration-ready - Diane Laegeler

    Digi® WR64

    High performance cellular router with dual redundant communications for complex transit and transportation systems.

  • P4-5_Digi-6310-DX-corebadge - Diane Laegeler

    Digi® 6310-DX Cellular Extender

    Avoid network outages with primary or backup LTE connectivity; integrate seamlessly with existing infrastructure.

  • P4-6_wr11xt-lte-migration-ready - Diane Laegeler

    Digi® WR11-XT

    Secure 3G/4G/LTE cellular router for retail, kiosk and industrial control applications.

About Digi International

Digi International (Digi) is a leading global provider of mission-critical and business-critical machine-to-machine (M2M) and Internet of Things (IoT) connectivity products and services. We help our customers create next generation connected products and deploy and manage critical communications infrastructures in demanding environments. Our embedded modules and off-the-shelf routers, gateways and network products are designed for relentless reliability and deliver unquestioned performance and security. Our cloud-based software and professional services help customers put their connected products and assets to work across a broad range of mission-critical industry applications. Founded in 1985, we’ve helped our customers connect over 100 million things, and growing.


Case Studies

  • New Sun Road Connects Uganda to Clean and Reliable Energy with Digi Cellular Routers

  • Digi Helps SEPTA Comply With Federal Mandate For "Positive Train Control" (PTC)

    Digi_SEPTA WR64 - Case Study - Diane Laegeler
  • Digi Helps Summit Improve Groundwater Protection And Management

    Digi_Summit ConnectSensorPlus - Case Study - Diane Laegeler