IoT devices are flooding into networks across the globe, bringing advancements in detection, control, flexibility, productivity, and efficiency- as well as a new threat vector for malware and bad actors. Effective network protection for IoT headless devices requires visibility into every device on the network, control of where those devices can send traffic, and automated response to changes in those devices that are potentially harmful. Fortinet’s IoT solution includes FortiNAC, which can deliver all of those capabilities with a centralized architecture for better scalability. FortiGate next-generation firewalls enhance the solution with segmentation and enforcement.

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    FortiNAC provides the protection needed for IoT by identifying and profiling every device on the network and then restricting the network access of those devices based on their profiles.

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    Fortigate Entry-Level

    Fortigate entry-level consolidates security and networking capabilities to securely transport the data from all IOT devices to the datacenter/cloud for analytics and protect against cyber-attacks.

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    FortiGate Mid-Range

    FortiGate mid-range as part of security fabric provides comprehensive visibility into flows that stem from applications, users, and IOT devices and provides industry’s highest SSL inspection performance.

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    FortiGate High-End

    FortiGate high-end and chassis offers the industry’s best threat protection performance for a highly scalable network that segments IT, IOT and OT devices and offers granular security policy control.

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    FortiManager provides a scalable single pane of glass to manage all Fortinet network and security assets.

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    FortiAnalyzer provides forensics and generates continuous security posture assessment reports.

About Fortinet

From the start, the Fortinet vision has been to deliver broad, truly integrated, high-performance security across the IT infrastructure. We provide top-rated network and content security, as well as secure access products that share intelligence and work together to form a cooperative fabric. Our unique security fabric combines Security Processors, an intuitive operating system, and applied threat intelligence to give you proven security, exceptional performance, and better visibility and control--while providing easier administration. Our flagship enterprise firewall platform, FortiGate, is available in a wide range of sizes and form factors to fit any environment and provides a broad array of next-generation security and networking functions. Complementary products can be deployed with a FortiGate to enable a simplified, end-to-end security infrastructure.


Case Studies

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