The Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) has the potential to truly transform how companies run widespread and remote operations. FreeWave’s “Edge Evolved” solutions help them take advantage of the opportunities in IIoT today. For 25 years our ruggedized M2M wireless products have been connecting the industrial edge, and now we’ve added edge computing capabilities to easily and reliably bring intelligence to where remote operations take place. Our IQ-infused Zum family of products have an open source application environment onboard, providing an industrial-grade platform to deploy and run applications at the edge – cutting out the expense and delay of centralized processing.

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    ZumIQ™ Edge Computer

    Run applications reliably at the edge and on any network architecture with our low-power, C1D2 certified edge computer loaded with the IQ open source application environment.

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    ZumLink™ IQ App-Programmable Radio

    Gain IQ compute power, storage, and wireless communications links all in one ruggedized hardware product with our integrated industrial edge connectivity and computing platform.

About Freewave

As a 25-year leader in long-range industrial M2M wireless solutions, FreeWave has helped thousands of customers achieve reliable connectivity for data telemetry and command and control, in some of the most challenging, remote, and rugged environments in the world. Today, we see the potential that the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) has to truly transform how companies run widespread and remote operations. That’s why we’ve infused our products with new edge computing capabilities, delivering an ecosystem of solutions evolved for IIoT and ready to bring exponential efficiency and productivity gains to our customers.


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