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IAconnects realizes business benefits for industry by providing sensors connectivity control devices and software for delivering value with the Internet of Things (IoT). We facilitate efficient operation by enabling secure data from sensors and controllers either stored locally or in the cloud to provide intelligent diagnostics analytics and control resulting in optimum savings for the operator. IAconnects has over 20 years experience of deploying intelligent control systems using open standards that provides an end to end solution for smart buildings, facilities management and asset tracking using best of breed technology and devices.

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    MobiusFlow® enabled gateway from IAconnects transforms your data into business advantage - Onboard logic, securely connects EnOcean wireless, iQRF and most other sensor protocols. Agnostic to cloud and IoT sensor technology.

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    Mobius connectors

    Send and receive telegrams to and from EnOcean, IQRF or Workplace Occupancy sensor depending on connector type. Telegrams are checked for integrity before being forwarded to a MobiusFlow gateway.

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    Door and Window Sensor

    Reports to the MobiusFlow gateway every time you or somebody open or close a door / window. Simple and reliable, this small sensor can improve comfort, security reduce energy usage.

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    People Counter

    Count the number of people that visit your building, facility or event. More than 95% accurate, with up to 65 moving people in one scene.

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    Motion Sensor PIR

    High sensitivity allows it to detect any motion and assure you a reliable and low maintenance detection system. Benefits from the flexibility of a wireless system, no maintenance, and easy to mount.

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    Desk Occupancy sensor

    This battery powered, wireless occupancy sensor identifies the utilization of a workplace position through movement and thermal measurement.

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    Air Quality Monitoring + Particulate sensor

    Measures indoor air quality, with robustness against contamination by siloxanes resulting in unique long-term stability and accuracy. Multiple sensing elements in one device provides detailed air quality signals.

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    EnOcean relay receiver

    Compatible with the MobiusFlow Gateway can turn any dumb device into a smart device. Can be mounted in your ceiling, in your wall or behind your electrical socket.

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    Water Sensor

    Detects water accumulation at defined horizontal surfaces or positions (e.g. below pipes, fittings and below bath tubs or dishwashers, utility rooms or basements). Suitable for water. No batteries or cables required.

About IAconnects Technology Ltd

IAconnects (IA) realizes business benefits for industry by creating, delivering and commissioning advanced building control systems and IoT solutions. IA facilitates energy efficient operation whilst enabling secure data from sensors and controllers stored locally or cloud based to provide intelligent diagnostics and control, resulting in optimum savings for the operator. IA has over 20 years experience of deploying intelligent control systems using open standards, such as DALI, KNX, TCP/IP , EtherCAT, EnOcean, BACnet, OPC-UA and MQTT, but realized that if you can’t practically connect the devices that give you data, you don’t have an overall solution. With lots of companies operating in the cloud or IoT space, IA is experienced in both and their extensive knowledge of control systems put them in the unique position to develop this solution.