In an effort to diversify, Lenovo is making significant IoT investments to win over enterprise IoT clients, especially from among its existing customer relationships and contracts. Lenovo has invested in building up its enterprise IoT offering with new products and services, like its all-inclusive IoT Solution Bundles and a new Smart Vertical Group, to better tailor IoT solutions for specific industry use cases. To sell these enterprise products, the company can rely on its current base of clients from its PC and data center businesses. These clients who already use and trust Lenovo's products could be upsold with the company's expanded IoT products and services.

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    ThinkSystem SE350 Edge Server

    The Lenovo ThinkSystem SE350 is the workhorse for Edge computing. Designed and built with the unique requirements for Edge servers in mind, it is versatile enough to stretch the limitations of server locations, providing a variety of connectivity and security options and easily managed with Lenovo XClarity Controller.

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    Scale Computing HC3 Edge

    The Scale Computing solution on Lenovo servers provides highly available, scalable compute and storage services while maintaining operational simplicity through highly intelligent software automation and architecture simplification.

About Lenovo

Transformation is happening both inside and outside the data center. The rapid expansion of resources to the edge is necessary to capture and compute the massive amount of data being created by IoT. For that reason, Lenovo's investment in IoT stretches from endpoints, to edge, core and cloud.


Case Studies

  • Pivot3, Lenovo and ISS Provide Modern, Centralized Safe City Infrastructure for Major South American City

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