With AirFinder, manufacturing and other industrial and logistics businesses can find and track anything, anywhere. With actionable IoT in manufacturing, AirFinder is digitization for today. AirFinder uses the affordable Internet of Things (IoT) technologies to tell you where your assets are at any time, including tools, parts, equipment, even people. The biggest enemy of meeting your production goals isn’t your processes. It’s not your facilities, your technology, or even your people. It’s missing assets. With just-right precision and no-reliance on WiFi, AirFinder means less infrastructure and big savings in dollars and system complexity.

  • P4_1 Badge Tag - Dominic Marcellino.png

    Badge Tag

    The AirFinder Badge Tag is an IoT end device designed for personnel tracking. Suitable for other asset tracking use cases, needing a slim form factor. Battery not replaceable.

  • P4_2 Asset Tag - Dominic Marcellino.png

    Asset Tag

    The AirFinder Asset Tag is an IoT end device designed for tracking assets (parts, carts, bins, etc.). It has an easily replaceable battery.

  • P4_3 Temperature Tag - Dominic Marcellino.png

    Temperature Tag

    The AirFinder Temperature Tag is an IoT end device that provides both location tracking of assets, as well as measuring the ambient temperature around the tag. Batteries are replaceable.

  • P4_4 SuperTag - Dominic Marcellino.png

    Super Tag

    The AirFinder SuperTag enables seamless indoor-outdoor asset tracking and monitoring. Long-lived, the SuperTag uses BLE inside an AirFinder network and transmits GPS location outdoors via LTE-M.

  • P4_5 Location Beacon - Dominic Marcellino.png

    Location Beacon

    The AirFinder Location Beacon enables AirFinder’s “Just-Right Precision”. These low-cost BLE beacons are added to AirFinder networks were tighter location precision is required by the use case.

  • P4_6 Access Point - Dominic Marcellino.png

    Access Point

    The AirFinder Access Point is a BLE bridge, handling traffic to and from AirFinder tags. Using BLE to communicate with tags and LoRaTM to talk to Link Labs Gateways.

  • P4_7 Gateway - Dominic Marcellino.png


    Link Labs Gateways aggregate traffic from Access Points in a star-network typology. Gateways are internet-connected, passing traffic to the AirFinder application, and organize communication to deployed systems.

About LinkLabs

AirFinder, a product division of Link Labs, is a simple and effective proximity location technology. Link Labs is a wireless connectivity platform focused on innovative IoT solutions for OEMs and enterprises. AirFinder was developed as a link between Symphony Link—Link Labs’ core product—and Bluetooth, a widely available open-source wireless standard. Additionally, the AirFinder API allows AirFinder customers to integrate low-cost location tracking into an existing application. Based in Annapolis, Maryland, Link Labs is a leading innovator in low­ power, wide-­area network technologies for the Internet of Things (IoT). The company was founded in 2014 by a group of veteran engineers from the Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Lab, who had worked together on a variety of projects for the U.S. Department of Defense, the telecommunications industry, and the Intelligence Community.


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