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Enabling IoT Solutions. At Scale. Anywhere. MachineQ bridges the digital to the physical, improving how the world operates. We help developers and enterprise businesses succeed in their IoT journey and scale innovative solutions through our: • Leading IoT platform to support the IoT lifecycle from device creation to cloud management • Support for complementary and third-party solutions • Integrated product suite of enterprise-grade wireless, low-power sensors, gateways and software • End-to-end security to ensure your data is protected

  • MachineQ_area8c_34_outside

    Gateway Area8c

    Best in class LoRaWAN gateway designed for indoor deployments. One gateway can support up to a million messages per day. Includes WiFi, Ethernet, and cellular backhaul.

  • MQflex_Family_Shot


    Adaptable LoRaWAN sensor that can be used for multiple user-cases, including temperature/humidity and door open/close. Built-in battery.

  • MQcentral_Device_Entity

    MQcentral platform

    Our LoRaWAN platform includes all the key components you need, including a network server, cloud-based storage, our health-management application MQcentral, and multiple APIs and integration points.

About MachineQ

Building IoT solutions is a complex endeavor, but it doesn’t have to be. MachineQ provides a fully integrated platform, from device to cloud. We provide everything a business needs to run a LoRaWAN sensor network. Built for ease of adoption and infinite use cases, our fully integrated hardware and software platform realizes the IoT lifecycle, from secure device onboarding to full-stack cloud management.


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