Data center cooling has been to keep data centers at a constant, cold temperature. However, as energy prices rise and capacity concerns become more prevalent, data center operators need a better solution than this one-size-fits-all approach. As part of their data center environmental management strategy, operators are challenged to find a way to address common concerns such as hot spots, humidity fluctuations, and air delivery problems while keeping costs and energy usage low. The SynapSense™ Wireless Monitoring and Cooling Control Solution helps operators improve energy efficiencies and optimize cooling capacity through turnkey intelligent software, wireless nodes, and unprecedented professional services.

  • Synapsense Sensors

    Synapsense Sensors

    Wireless and battery operated SynapSense Sensors capture air pressure, current meter, temperature and humidity data, transmitting it through a wireless network.

  • SynapSense 900 Series Gateway

    SynapSense 900 Series Gateway

    Powered via POE or locally, gateway is a wireless network to Ethernet bridge that collects and consolidates data captured from up to 100 wireless sensors.

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