Get Trained for IoT

With IoT demand outpacing support, the Internet of Things (IoT) skill shortage is becoming increasingly important. According to an article by ITPro, over 200,000 workers are expected to beadded through 2022. Distinguish yourself from the crowd by training your staff today on key skills related to IoT.

Ingram Micro Training offers IoT training to ensure real world, measurable results to businesses and technical professionals alike.


But putting IoT systems into place can be a complicated proposition, and fraught with hazards. Solutions may involve devices and technologies from many different vendors, requiring a good understanding of software and hardware and strategies to integrate them, as well as the risks associated with security, privacy, and the safety of those who’s working and living environments are managed by these systems.

Ingram Micro IoT Training provides students with general strategies for planning, designing, developing, implementing, and maintaining an IoT system through various case studies and by assembling and using their own IoT device. Students will create an IoT device based on an ESP8266 microcontroller, implementing various common IoT features, such as sensors, actuators, a web-based interface, MQTT messaging, and data encryption.

IoT University

Ingram Micro’s IoT University helps students to make informed decisions and speak knowledgeably about the Internet of Things. Students will engage with and practice relevant examples of IoT architecture, user experience, edge applications, data visualization, and DevOps.


  • Architecture Matters: Explore architecture types and tradeoffs regarding different IoT platforms
  • User Experience: Learn a practical framework for designing multi-device experiences
  • The Edge: Gain an understanding of common IoT Edge device scenarios and value propositions
  • Visualization & Big Data: Learn different techniques used for data processing, mining, and visualization
  • Dev Ops: Understand key concepts of support and DevOps for continuous development and continuous delivery
Certified Internet of Things Practicioner (CIoTP)

Ingram Micro’s IoT Practitioner Course is designed for IT professionals with baseline skills in computer hardware, software support, and development who want to learn how to design, develop, implement, operate, and manage Internet of Things devices and related systems. The student is interested in learning more about embedded systems, microcontroller programming, IoT security, and the development life cycle for IoT projects.


While students will gain hands-on experience constructing electronic components on a prototyping breadboard and using software development tools, these activities are closely guided, so previous experience in electronics assembly and programming are not required. Each student will be provided a small kit of electronic components that will be used to prototype and program an IoT device. Topics for this course include:

  • Identifying, Constructing and Programming an IoT Device
  • Communicating with Wired & Wireless IoT Devices
  • Processing Sensor Inputs and Output Devices
  • Managing Security & Privacy Risks on IoT Projects
  • Planning an IoT Project